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Essential oils consultation and advice - safety and effectiveness

Aromatherapy is defined as the art and science of using essential oils therapeutically to

enhance health and wellbeing.

Essential oils (EOs) are concentrated extracts from many different plants and various parts

of plants (such as leaves, flowers, stems, seeds, bark, roots, fruit). Most essential oils have

varying antiseptic, antibacterial antimicrobial and antifungal properties.

The science is based on the botanical profiles of the plants from which the EOs are

extracted and analysis of the natural chemicals or molecules in the EOs after extraction.

The art is knowing how to use them, how best to blend various EOs together, selecting

the right essential oils to achieve the best results for individuals and - most importantly,

ensuring that EOs are used safely.

In recent years, EOs have become widely popular, largely due to the increasing information

about their availability and use promoted via the internet,

Unfortunately, there is a lot of information and advice about using EOs in ways that can 

cause problems (in some cases, serious), such as skin rashes and digestive system problems and/or damage to internal organs.  Reports of these types of adverse effects are rising quite alarmingly.

Those of us who have been professionally trained in aromatherapy are very concerned at 

the widespread misleading and often risky advice given about ways to use EOs by those

not properly trained.

I offer individual consultations and advice to those who love or would love to use EOs but aren't

sure how to use them effectively for themselves and their families.

Apart from my 25 years-plus experience in using EOs for myself, family, friends and clients,

I taught Aromatherapy subjects at TAFE schools for several years. I also keep updated

with the latest information about aromatherapy and essential oils via ongoing research, attending workshops and membership of specialist Facebook groups.

If you are interested in unbiased and professional advice on using EOs safely, please contact me by email or phone to book a consultation. This might be simple and specific or more general and intensive. Aromatherapy consultation fees vary and will be discussed on an individual needs basis.


I can also direct you to other sources of information about recommended Aromatherapy courses and EO suppliers.

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