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About Carole Gridley & HealthTouch Massage Therapies
HealthTouch Massage Therapies reception.
HealthTouch Massage Therapies-reception

I love what I do.

I love creating a welcoming and nurturing environment for my clients and, after a relaxing and healing massage, seeing the positive difference in the way they look and feel afterwards.

I originally discovered my passion for therapeutic massage through my studies in Aromatherapy. From the moment I practised massage on a fellow student, I was hooked. Now, more than 20 years later, I still love doing this 'work'.

My clients include senior executives, general office workers, tradespeople, professionals, performers, pregnant women - plus those managing cancer, disabilities, chronic medical conditions, injury rehabilitation, as well as their carers.

Through voluntary activities I've also massaged clients who have been disadvantaged
within society, physically abused, and/or substance addicted.

I truly believe in the many incredible healing benefits of massage therapy, especially when enhanced with personalised blends of essential oils, warm stones, plus soothing music or sound.

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HealthTouch Massage Therapies clinic roo
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HealthTouch Massage Therapies - crystal.
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