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Pregnancy and post-natal massage

Pregnancy massage is essentially the same as remedial massage for relaxation, with proper caution and consideration for the changes experienced during pregnancy.
Most importantly, positioning is a key factor.
Generally, the best and safest position for pregnancy massage is slightly elevated side-lying, supported by pillows.
The electric lift treatment table is also very helpful and safer, as you don't have to climb on and off the table - which gets a little harder to do during the latter months leading to your baby's birth!

If you haven't had regular massages during your pregnancy, can you imagine how great it would feel to have some of those aches and pains soothed and just take some regular time out for yourself to be nurtured and cared for?

Post-natal massage

Having massages AFTER your baby is born is also very important.
You can often feel quite sore, particularly your shoulders, neck and arms, from carrying your beautiful baby and if you're breastfeeding.
Apart from physical aches, you can feel quite overwhelmed - expecially if it's your first - and, of course, there's the inevitable sleep deprivation.
If you have the budget, plus partner and family support to allow you to take some time out for massage treatments, don't feel guilty about giving yourself the opportunity to receive some of the nurturing and care you're giving your baby.

60 mins  $110    45 mins $90

Customised pregnancy massage packages are available upon request. This is also a great gift!

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