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HealthTouch Massage Therapies-Rehabilita
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Massage for injury rehabilitation & chronic conditions

Massage plays an important role in supplementing standard injury rehabilitation programs and helping with a range of chronic medical conditions, such as Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and others.
Techniques, positioning and duration are adjusted for each person and applied appropriately depending on the specific injury or medical condition.

Beyond the physical benefits of massage for rehabilitation and chronic conditions, you can enjoy the emotional benefits of nurturing care and comfort from soothing touch in an ambiance of pleasant music and aromas.

60 mins  $110       45 mins $90               

Discounted price packages for ongoing massage treatments are available upon request.


Access to HealthTouch Massage Therapies clinic includes stairs.

In special cases, home visits might be arranged. Please contact me on 0416 227 653 or to discuss.

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