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HealthTouch Massage Therapies-crystal ma
HealthTouch Massage Therapies-crystal ma

Crystal Massage

Using crystals to enhance basic massage techniques is an enjoyable, healing experience, which can be deeply relaxing physically but also powerfully beneficial to reducing and calming emotional stress. 

Crystal massage combines the benefits of massage techniques with crystals, essential oil blends and sound. 

This is very much a customised treatment on all levels and for the best overall experience is accompanied by recordings of vibrational crystal bowls or the celestial sound of the crystal harp

or flute music.

Vibrational crystal bowl sound therapy can be helpful in achieving a state of relaxation and has been known to help reduce stress and pain, among other benefits. The crystal harp (or lyre) creates an harmonic experience that is soothing, relaxing and meditative. Similarly, flute music helps promote feelings of happiness and calm.

90 mins $120      60 mins  $95

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