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Experience remedial massage for relaxation - reduce stress and muscle tension with the powerful effects of therapeutic touch, beautiful aromas and soothing sound

"I have had plenty of massages before but really nothing like what I have experienced with Carole. I can literally feel her heart and soul in every stroke, every action is lovingly intentional from tailoring her choice of essential oils for you to the crystals that she gently slides under your palms while you are literally in state of calm and bliss. I enjoyed every second of it. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is not just seeking a deep tissue pounding (lol) to treat short-term muscular tension and knots-release. She is still highly effective in taking your tension and knots away but she does it by calming your nervous system and subtle and gentle holding of energetic pressure points. I would not hesitate to recommend Carole of HealthTouch Massage Therapies to anyone but especially if you are someone who regularly experiences stress and anxiety. She is not just a massage therapist. She is a healer. I am so grateful that I got to experience it." 

Jo Wong, Crows Nest

Carole Portrait_2.jpg

Carole Gridley

Dip. Remedial Massage

Dip. Aromatherapy

Cert I & II Oncology Massage

I'm a qualified and passionate remedial massage therapist and aromatherapist with more than 20 years' experience. 

I provide a caring, calming, deeply relaxing massage experience, helping you release your tight muscles and reduce your stress - leaving you feeling more peaceful, centred and energised.


Your massage session combines customised remedial techniques, with individually and safely prescribed essential oil blends and your choice of soothing music or sound.

Kind Comments from clients:

"After a complication following a hip replacement op, I was in dire need of good remedial massage and found Carole's name whilst doing some research on my condition in Google. At my 1st visit, Carole was very thorough in gaining all info about my medical condition and proceeded to do as much research as possible herself in the ways of treating it. She has consequently helped me enormously both mentally and physically. Her manner and level of care and knowledge about massage and tension points in the body, is outstanding.  Her rooms are beautifully laid out and very conducive to relaxing whilst she is finding, and then working on, the various parts in your body that need to be worked on. I now see Carole monthly and every time I go she makes me feel whole again -  both in body and mind. I highly recommend Carole as her massages are excellent, very therapeutic and always personally extremely beneficial."
Amanda Carr, Artarmon

"I travel a lot for work and also stand for long hours, regular massage helps to relax and rejuvenate my entire body. I also suffer from lower back ache and massage eases a lot of the tension and stiffness from this area and helps with the flexibility in my spine. I have also suffered from adrenal fatigue in the past and regular massage sessions have been really helpful. I have been going to Carole for the last 4 years, she came to my life as a Godsend when I was going through a grieving period owing to my mother’s illness and her subsequent passing. The massage sessions were very therapeutic and our little chats before the sessions helped me a lot during this difficult period. Carole is highly intuitive and has a natural caring instinct which makes a massage session with her very rewarding. She has the knack of creating a very loving, safe and nurturing environment  during a massage session  leading to a complete relaxation of the mind, body and soul. I have always walked away from a session feeling blissful,  refreshed and totally rejuvenated. Totally recommend regular sessions with her as a health investment."

RG, Willoughby

Your HealthTouch Massage Therapies experience includes:

  • a warm, friendly, professional approach and listening ear

  • customised treatment sessions for your desired results

  • a relaxation focus combined with remedial techniques 

  •  (optional) heated stones, and/or crystals for gentle warmth and healing, authentic essential oils, selected and blended especially for you

  • your choice of music or relaxation sounds

HealthTouch Massage Therapies sessions are perfect for 

  • managing stress - either ongoing or from a particularly stressful situation 

  • helping with anxiety or depression

  • relieving general muscle tension

  • reducing acute or chronic muscle pain in specific areas

  • improving flexibility and mobility

  • improving sleep patterns 

  • looking more youthful (yes, it's possible, by being more relaxed and refreshed!) 

  • pregnancy and post-natal self care

  • helping with cancer management 

  • helping manage chronic medical conditions and injury rehab  (NB: access is via stairs)

"Carole is a life saver! She took the time to learn about me and find out exactly what I needed, then created my very own essential oil blends - one to relax me and the other to revitalise me. I rely on these to calm down for a good night's sleep or reinvigorate when needed. Very  highly recommend Carole."

Belinda Tupou, Parramatta

"I had the most wonderful aromatherapy massage by Carole from HealthTouch Massage Therapies. I was feeling very run-down and Carole concocted a personal blend of essential oils for me and gave me the most relaxing massage ever. I walked out feeling completely different, able to concentrate again, feeling clearheaded and rejuvenated. Totally recommend her! Thanks, Carole!"

Rachael Cunningham, Beecroft

"A massage treatment with Carole means Relaxation with a capital ‘R’. From the moment I enter her massage room, I know I can totally relax with one of her amazing massages. Whenever I am feeling a bit stressed or carrying an extra workload, Carole is sensitive and caring of my needs. She has a range of tools that support her work. Her own signature oils, beautiful soft music and an array of natural stones and crystals all contribute to a unique ‘Health Touch’ experience."    

Karen Bowller

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